Scratched Phone Screen – What to Do

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By using our smartphones to do almost everything, we expose them to damage by accident or by mishandling them. In most cases on the part of the physical damage, the screens on our phones always seem to take the hits. On a good day it’s only a scratch, but at other times it’s a cracked screen in need of a repair. A scratched screen is one that doesn’t need to worry you since there’s a variety of home remedies that you can apply to hide or remove such defects. Here is a list of some of the things that you can do to eliminate those unsightly scratches:

  • Use of toothpaste – This can only be used on plastic screens. Ensure that its actual paste and not gel-based. With the use of a paper towel or a soft cloth, gently rub the paste on the screen in a circular motion. Be careful to ensure that the paste doesn’t get into headphone sockets, buttons or any vulnerable areas.
  • Use of glass polish – For a glass screen, this is the best option. You can get it in powder form or a premixed solution. Ensure that you have covered all vulnerable spots or openings before starting this procedure. Using a smooth polishing cloth, rub your scratched screen in a circular motion covering all the affected areas.
  • Use of sandpaper– This is a risky option and if done carelessly, can add more scratches to your phone. You have to gently sand down the affected area and then finish up with a clean cloth.
  • Use of vegetable oil – This is more of an aesthetic fix. It only hides the scratches and not fix them. Also, the oil may need to be re-applied since it quickly gets rubbed off.
  • Use of baking soda – Take some water and baking soda and combine them to form a paste. Apply the paste on a piece of clothing and use it to scrub the screen in a circular motion. Finally, take a damp cloth to wipe off the excess

How To Protect Your Screen From Scratches


  • Use of a screen protector – Regardless of how careful you are with your phone, accidents are bound to happen. It is therefore advisable that you protect your phone by investing in a proper and durable screen protector. In case of an accident, you can always replace the damaged screen protector.
  • Regularly wipe your screen– This is especially important after exposing your screen to dusty conditions or when your hands are muddy. Use a silk cloth to regularly wipe off the dust particles on your phone.
  • Put your phone in a safe place– Putting your phone in a specific and separate pocket from coins and keys can significantly protect your phone from scratches. Also placing the phone in a deep or zip up pocket can save it from accidentally falling out.

Although there’s no assurance that these remedies can make your screen as good as new, they can significantly improve the physical appearance of your phone. Take great precaution when using the semi-liquid remedies for they can damage the phone’s internal system if allowed to penetrate. YouTube tutorials can be an excellent source of visual aid since they show you exactly what to do at every stage.


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